Bigas Luna Dies

Date Added: 07 April 2013
Catalonia's celebrated film-maker succumbs after a long battle with leukemia

José Juan (or Josep) Bigas Luna, the celebrated Catalan film-maker, died last Friday (5th April 2013) after a long battle with leukemia.

His cinematic career spanned from from 1976 with his first feature Tatuaje to his last Di Di Holloywood in 2010.

He achieved notable fame in 1978 with Bilbao, a film about a psychopath whose obsession with a prostitute leads him to kidnap.

Like much of post-franco cinema, his films were uninhibitedly erotic. Films like Jamón Jamón and Golden Balls, showed the possible tragic consequences of sex and male machismo; but at the same time glorified them shamelessly.

The actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz (now married to each other) expressed their gratitude to the man who largely started their careers: a man whom Bardem referred to as "Papá Bigas" and described as "noble, free, good, loving and light-hearted." "To Bigas", he went on to say, "I owe a woman that I love, two dear friends and a career that I never dreamed I would have."