Spanish Films of 2010s

  • Quatretondeta (2016)

    Release Date: 29 Apr 2016

    Director: Pol Rodríguez

    Thomas is an old man whose wife is deceased and who isn't permitted to bury her now that her family has arrived to reclaim the body and repatriate it to Paris. Thomas therefore decides to steal the body in order to bury it in Quatretondeta, a small village in the interior of Alicante, as he promised his wife. But Thomas has a problem: he doesn't remember the way to Quatretondeta... and he gets lost. It's then that he meets Dora, the daughter of the deceased who lives in Paris, a cold,... [More...]
  • Toro (2016)

    Release Date: 22 Apr 2016

    Director: Kike Maíllo

    "Toro" is a thriller whose action occurs over 48 frenetic hours. Two brothers meet again after five years. One has been in prison. The other has stolen from a dangerous fence, and is now fleeing with Diana, his small daughter. The three make a journey across an Andalusia that's violent, mythic and savage. A journey in which old wounds are opened and in which the brothers are obliged to reconcile in order to save their lives. [More...]
  • Julieta (2016)

    Release Date: 08 Apr 2016

    Director: Pedro Almodóvar

    Julieta lives in Madrid with her daughter Antía. The two suffer in silence the loss of Xoan, Antía's father and Julieta's husband. But the grief doesn't unite the two but rather drives a wedge between them. When Antía reaches eighteen she abandons her mother, without a word of explanation. Julieta searches for her by whatever means she can, but all she discovers is how little she knows her daughter. "Julieta" is about a mother's fight to survive... [More...]
  • Kiki, el amor se hace (2016)

    Release Date: 01 Apr 2016

    Director: Paco León

    OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: A comedy in which five stories of love and sexual attraction coincide during a hot summer in Madrid. The feelings, fears and above all the sexuality of the protagonists are transformed, breaking taboos and bringing them into a new state, emotional and free where they deny neither pleasure or love. "Kiki" is a work about free love for everyone who enjoys sex. [More...]
  • Altamira (2016)

    Altamira Image

    Release Date: 01 Apr 2016

    Director: Hugh Hudson

    In 1878 a nine-year-old girl and her amateur archaeologist father (Antonio Banderas) discover among the green hills and rocky peaks of Santander the first known cave paintings of prehistoric man. But they face opposition not only for the Catholic Church, who find the idea of such works an affront to biblical truth, but also from the established scientific community. [More...]
  • El pregón (2016)

    Release Date: 18 Mar 2016

    Director: Dani de la Orden

    Official Synopsis: They swore that they would never appear in public again... But, for a reasonable amount of money they are prepared to make an exception. The Osorio brothers (Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero), "glorious forgotten" of the 90s, have touched rock-bottom. When they are contracted to give the "pregón", or introductory speech, at the festival in the town of thier birth, Proverzo, they didn't imagine what would happen. Their intentions to turn up, take... [More...]
  • 13. Miguel Poveda (2016)

    Release Date: 11 Mar 2016

    Director: Francisco Ortiz

    Documentary about the flamenco artist Miguel Poveda on his 25th Birthday, told through scenes. [More...]
  • Poveda (2016)

    Poveda Image

    Release Date: 04 Mar 2016

    Director: Pablo Moreno

    This film tells the story of the Pedro Poveda (Linares, 1874 - Madrid, 1936), a tenacious and innovative priest who opened ways in the field of education and in defense of the rights of women in Spain, at the start of the Twentieth Century. He was recognized by UNESCO as a "Pedagogue and Humanist" and canonized by Pope John Paul II. After performing his sacerdotal work on the marginal districts of the caves of Guadix (Granada) and starting various social and educational initiatives,... [More...]
  • 100 años de perdón (2016)

    100 años de perdón Image

    Release Date: 04 Mar 2016

    Director: Daniel Calparsoro

    One rainy moring, six men, masked and armed, raid a bank in Valencia. the group, led by the thief known as El Uruguayo, has an apparently simple mission: empty the largest number of strong-boxes possible and leave through the tunnel dug to one of the offices of that bank, that communicates with an abandoned metro line. The details of the raid alert the Government elite. Ferrán, the head of the Presidential Cabernet, discovers to her surprise that the robbery is in reality an operation... [More...]
  • Todos los caminos de Dios (2016)

    Release Date: 04 Mar 2016

    Director: Gemma Ferraté

    The story of a young man attempting to flee the consequences of his own actions. After having betrayed his best friend, he is oppressed with an insupportable guilt which forces him to flee into the depths of a forest. There he meets another boy of his own age who rapidly becomes his confidant, helping him to reflect and to confront his problems. [More...]
  • Tenemos que hablar (2016)

    Release Date: 26 Feb 2016

    Director: David Serrano

    Nuria wants to marry her new boyfriend, but first she has divorce Jorge, whom she hasn't seen for two years. Nuria knows that Jorge is very depressed and doesn't want to sink him further by asking him for a divorce, before trying to cheer him him in any way she can. To do that she has to hide her new boyfriend, make him believe that she has found work for him and even that her parents, recently separated, are going to get back together. Nothing is easy, but then again with her ex-, nothing is... [More...]
  • La corona partida (2016)

    Release Date: 19 Feb 2016

    Director: Jordi Frades

    After the death of Isabel, Fernando "el Católico" and Philip the Fair, vie for power. Juana, the legitimate heir to the throne, is a victim of this circumstance and everyone has an interest in demonstrating her madness and unfitness to govern. [More...]
  • El mal que hacen los hombres (2016)

    El mal que hacen los hombres Image

    Release Date: 19 Feb 2016

    Director: Ramón Térmens

    An assassin and a doctor, who both work for a drugs cartel, receive an unusual "packet": a ten-year-old girl, daughter of a chief of a rival band, whom they have to guard until they receive the order either to cut her into pieces or set her free. The girl soon finds out that the only way she can survive will be to reach the depths of the souls of her captors and discover if there remains there a trace of humanity. [More...]
  • Eva no duerme (2016)

    Release Date: 12 Feb 2016

    Director: Pablo Agüero

    1952. Eva Perón, the woman most loved and hated in Argentina, dies at the age of 33. An expert anatomist embalms her without removing the slightest particle of her skin, leaving her appear as if just asleep. But the Armed Forces take power, and resolve to rub Evita completely out of popular memory. Her body disappears for 25 years. During this quarter-century Evita, although dead and vanished, is the most powerful political figure in the country. A joint Spanish, French and Argentinian... [More...]
  • Reverso (2016)

    Release Date: 05 Feb 2016

    Director: Carlos Martín

    Ever since they were small, Marcos and Alex have played a dangerous and secret game that consists of each putting tests and impossible challenges to the other. He who loses or fails the test pays a penalty. The last time they saw each other, Alex remained in a coma because he tried to cross a motorway blindfolded, backwards and naked. Marcos never visited him in hospital. Alex resumed his life with Marta, who cared for him until he had fully recovered. Then one day Marta's... [More...]
  • Informe general II. El nou rapte d'Europa (2016)

    Release Date: 05 Feb 2016

    Director: Pere Portabella

    Forty years after "Informe general", Pere Portabella produces a portrate of the politics of present day Spain and Catalonia from the perspective of social movements such as 15-M or the Catalan separatist movement as alternatives to the traditional political parties. The film also reflects over the nature of the language of cinema. [More...]
  • Cola, Colita, Colassa (Oda a Barcelona) (2016)

    Release Date: 29 Jan 2016

    Director: Ventura Pons

    Documentary about the famous photographer Isabel Steva Hernández, better known as Colita, whose career spans fifty years. [More...]
  • Embarazados (2016)

    Release Date: 29 Jan 2016

    Director: Juana Macías

    At nearly forty, Fran (Paco Leon) and Alina (Alexandra Jiménez, have lived together half their lives. For Alina the moment to have children has arrived, but for Fran nothing is clear; he's young, things are going well and he doesn't see the need to ruin everything and start to have to change nappies. Moreover, when the gynecologist (Karra Elejalde) informs them that Fran's spermatazoids are "few, weak and abnormal" and that Alina is premenopausal at thirty-seven, things are complicated... [More...]
  • Una historia criminal (2016)

    Release Date: 2016

    Director: José Durán

    Thriller about the tribulations of Juan, a criminal who after a three year stretch in prison, tries to recover the love of his family. To obtain their confidence he has to avoid involving himself in any type of conflict, something that becomes complicated when he runs into Mario and Adriana, his former companions who informed on him. [More...]
  • Violet (2016)

    Release Date: 2016

    Director: Luiso Berdejo

    Alex is a boy from Spain who lives in Santa Monica, California. One day he finds an old Polaroid of a girl and falls deeply in love with her and decides to search for her without having the slightest clue as to who she is, where she might be, or when the photograph was taken. The search leads him to his grandfather who has been dead for years, and whom he loved so much, as well as to the most secret corners of his own soul. [More...]