To All Lovers Of Spain

This site is aimed at English-speaking people who are interested in Spain and its history or culture.

Maybe you are an ex-patriot living in Spain. Maybe you’re not but, in spite of not being Spanish you feel any time spent outside Spain is a kind of exile, perhaps you feel like the travel writer Alistair Boyd when he wrote:

"From the top of Primrose Hill there is an extensive view. I half close my eyes and Canary Wharf becomes the Pico San Cristobal, the highest mountain of the Grazalema range; NatWest becomes another peak in the sierras; and the Telecom tower metamorphoses into the Giralda of Seville."

Maybe your love of Spain is not quite such of such a high order. But if you have an interest in any aspect of Spanish History or Culture, whether it’s the movies of Almodóvar, the novels of Arturo Perez-Reverte , the Moorish Architecture, the food, Flamenco or whatever, then this site could well be of interest to you.