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Monsignor Quixote

Release Date: 27 Sep 1982

Author: Graham Greene

A humble parish priest, bearing the name of Cervantes' famous self-appointed knight errant, has a chance meeting with a bishop and becomes quite unexpectedly a Monsignor.  He and his friend, a communist ex-mayor, then embark on a journey across Spain, having, as Don Quijote and Sancho before them, various adventures. Along the way the communist and the priest, ever the best of friends, eat Manchego cheese, drink wine, exchange anecdotes and have discussions about their contrasting world views.

A funny, thoughtful, simply told, and very charming story.

(As a matter of interest, the author Graham Greene, unlike many British Catholics at the time such as Evelyn Waugh and Hilaire Belloc, did not support the Nationalists during the Civil War and had a profound loathing of General Franco.)