• Franco (1995)

    Release Date: 1995

  • The Story of Spain (1990)

    Release Date: 1990

    Author: Mark Williams For me, the most accessible general history of Spain I've found.  Highly recommended. [More...]
  • Monsignor Quixote (1982)

    Release Date: 27 Sep 1982

    Author: Graham Greene A humble parish priest, bearing the name of Cervantes' famous self-appointed knight errant, has a chance meeting with a bishop and becomes quite unexpectedly a Monsignor.  He and his friend, a communist ex-mayor, then embark on a journey across Spain, having, as Don Quijote and Sancho before them, various adventures. Along the way the communist and the priest, ever the best of friends, eat Manchego cheese, drink wine, exchange anecdotes and have... [More...]
  • The Face of Spain (1951)

    Release Date: 1951

    Author: Gerald Brenan The author and his wife return to Spain, and find a country stagnant and devastated after its brutal civil war.  Hunger, corruption and black-marketeering are rife. Highly readable.  Full of fascinating conversations with various people, such as an ex-Fascist and a priest, giving their respective views on the Civil War.  Also contains harrowing accounts of extreme poverty. There is also an account of an... [More...]