Botched Restoration in Borja

Date Added: 31 August 2012
Well meaning old lady attempts to restore artwork.

The Spanish media is full of reports of a botched restoration job in a church in the city of Borja. A painting Christ wearing a crown of thorns, entitled "Ecce Homo", had badly deteriorated; so some well meaning old dear (remeniscent of the characters played by Chus Lampreave in the two Almodövar films "What have I done to deserve this" and "The Flower of my Secret") took it upon herself to restore it with disastrous results. The eighty-one year old is now suffering from anxiety, because of the resulting media attention and the fact that the city council is now considering legal action.

My hope is that they leave her alone, not only for the obvious reason that threatening a well-meaning, if misguided, eighty-one with the power of officialdom isn't very nice. But also because her assertion that she did it with the knowledge of the priest and the congregants, doesn't seem that implausible. I imagine that she didn't do it in the dead on night, and someone must have seen her at it. This, and the fact that nobody was seems sure when the deed took place, suggesting that the artwork is hardly that much loved or significant.

Moreover, for all the talk of this "unspeakable deed" in the town hall, the picture had been allowed to go to ruin; which, if the painting was so valuable, might argue for a more serious sin of ommission on the part of the town council than any sin of commission on the part the old lady.

It might also suggest, that until the recent media storm, no-one really gave a rodent's nether parts about the painting.