Regrésion: Alejandro Amenába's new film

Date Added: 13 February 2015

Amenábar, the author of such tales of terror as The Others, as well as dramas like Inner Sea, returns with a dark tale of satanism, staring Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke an David Thewlis.

Alejandro Amenábar, the internationally acclaimed Spanish director, has a new film due to be released this August, six years after his previous one.

The director started his career with Tésis, a shocking tale of film school facilities being used to make snuff movies. This was followed by a thriller Abre los ojos (Open your eyes), and an English language ghost story The Others which made him truly international.  His next film was Mar Adentro (Inner Sea), a drama based on the true story of the quadraplegic Ramón Sampedro and his campaign for assisted suicide.  This was followed by Agora, a historical drama about Hypatia of Alexandria, a Greek female philosopher at the time of the growth of Christianity in the Roman world.

Now his new film Regression is a return to the thriller genre with a story of satanism in Minnesota.  It is an English Language, joint Spanish-Canadian production starring Emma Watson, David Thewlis and Ethan Hawke.  With this cast, and Amenábar's international reputation, this release should be eagerly awaited!



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