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Cerca de tu casa

Release Date: 02 Sep 2016

Director: Eduard Cortés

Year 2007. In Spain the first evictions are put into action, after the explosion of the property bubble. This was the start of what would finish up being a veritable tsunami. A tsunami which would leave thousands of people without homes. The first victims of these orders were not aware of what wasl also awaiting them, namely that, in spite of have lost their house, they would continue with a debt that would threaten the livelihood of their guarantors. Without a roof, without information and without resources to leave the black hole into which the system has placed them, their drama, from the start, has hardly made any impact in the media. They live it practically alone, with a personal disaster that has left them absolutely powerless and with their self-asteem falling through the floor.

"Cerca de tu Casa" deals with one of these dramas, that of Sonya and her family, who after losing her work, cannot meet the mortgage repayments and is evicted with her ten-year-old daughter. With nowhere to go, she installs herself in her parents' house. But the surrender of her own home wasn't enough to clear her debt. Thus begins the process of appropration of the house of their parents who were her guarantors.