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El hombre de las mil caras

Release Date: 23 Sep 2016

Director: Alberto Rodríguez

Francisco Paesa has had a varied career as a businessman, a Swiss banker, international arms dealer, gigolo, playboy, diplomat, adventurer, swindler and secret agent.

The one day he is obliged to flee the country. When he returns years later, everything has changed: he is ruined, he is incapable of starting any new business — his fame as conman precedes him — and his relations with Esther, his partner for the last fifteen years, seems to be at an end.

In these circumstances, he receives a visit from the ex-Director General of the Guardia Civil, Luis Roldán, and his wife, who are offering him a million dollars to help them save 1,500 pesetas, appropriated from public funds. This seems like the perfect opportunity for Paesa to avenge himself on the government and improve his economic situation by betraying his client.

With the help of his inseparable partner, he orchestrates an intricate and masterly operation where truth and falsehood have blurred boundaries. A hoax worthy of the best spies and a reflection of the passing of an era.

This is the story of tricks and imposters inspired by real events, and tells how one man tricked a nation.


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