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Release Date: 11 Nov 2016

Director: Hugo Stuven Casasnovas

David, a young man who suffers from a strange variant of schizophrenia, is found dead in his bathtub under terrible circumstances. He had been feeling pursued and threatened by a presence that he was unable to define. All this is consistent with his illness. His psychiatrist, Doctor Friedhoff, conscience of his slight progress, decided to subject him to a rare form of therapy: that he records himself on video throughout the week: seven days of his normal, daily, life, trying to capture this presence in the cold, objective eye of the camera. In this way the doctor attempted to demonstrate that everything that happened is nothing more than the fruit of his imagination, of his altered and sick mind. But David doesn't record his daily routine. He launches into a frenetic search for the thing that was tormenting him to demonstrate that it was real, but something happens and he dies. Everything points to suicide, but some details, which are difficult to explain, cause the young enigmatic FBI agent, Maia Kensington, who has been assigned the case, to suspect that there's something that the psychiatrist isn't telling her.

The subsequent interrogation goes over the last days of David's life, guided by the video recordings that the psychiatrist asked him to make. These seven days of his life that deal with dark mysteries over his personality and his past, questions without answers in the deepest subconscious of the youth. Agent Kensington tries to fit the pieces together by descending into the laberynth of madness, horror and death that David has woven in his mind. Moreover the events lived and recorded by David with his camera seem increasingly to depart from logic and open up the possibility of the Supernatural. Then reality and fiction, madness and reason, combine to draw to the surface unconfessable secrets in this intense psychological thriller.