Spanish Films of 2013

  • Ismael (2013)

    Ismael Image

    Release Date: 25 Dec 2013

    Director: Marcelo Piñeyro

    Ismael, a child of 10 with an African mother, takes the train from Madrid to Barcelona in search of his biological father, Felix. His only clue is an address to a flat. However on arriving to the flat, he finds not Felix, but Felix's mother, Nora, an elegant lady of 50. On hearing Ismael's story, and contacting the boy's mother, Nora decides to take her recently discovered grandson on a trip to Gerona to meet his biological father. [More...]
  • Gente en sitios (2013)

    Gente en sitios Image

    Release Date: 20 Dec 2013

    Director: Juan Cavestany

    A kaleidoscopic tale, that with seeming randomness switches between comedy, drama, social fable, terror and surrealism with one common denominator: the irreducible poetry of the human condition faced with the assaults of the strange and the chaotic. [More...]
  • Guadalquivir (2013)

    Guadalquivir Image

    Release Date: 13 Dec 2013

    Director: Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha

    Nature documentary about the Guadalquivir river. The film takes us from the sierras of Cazorla and Segura, where the river has its source, and follows it as it skirts the Sierra Morena, and finally finishes in the swamps of the Doñana National Park, all the while describing the astonishing wildlife. [More...]
  • 3 bodas de más (2013)

    3 bodas de más Image

    Release Date: 05 Dec 2013

    Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera

    Comedy about a girl who is invited to the weddings of three ex-boyfriends in the same month. [More...]
  • La lava en los labios (2013)

    La lava en los labios Image

    Release Date: 02 Dec 2013

    Director: Jordi Costa

    Psychotherapist Bonita Sepúlveda finds herself seriously emotionally disturbed when she attends the screening of "El deseo y lava", the latest film from the prestigious director Adriana Duval. Determined to uncover what lies hidden behind this traumatic experience, she teams up with the dancer Eva La Jazmina to form an eccentric pair of detectives in order to rediscover a terrible secret from her own past. In this turbulent psychological thriller the Psyche is the scene of the... [More...]
  • Viral (2013)

    Viral Image

    Release Date: 29 Nov 2013

    Director: Lucas Figueroa

    Raul is The Chosen One to be the lowly reality star of a promotion and viral campaign for the department store FNAC. The deal, He has to live 24 hours per day in the store for one week. The catch, his only contact with the outside world will be through social media where he will be known as the Supergeek. If the Supergeek generates 1.000.000 “likes” by week’s end he gets the prize of 50.000 €, enough to pay off lots of bills, parking tickets and help his sick father. Geeks... [More...]
  • Diamantes negros (2013)

    Diamantes negros Image

    Release Date: 29 Nov 2013

    Director: Miguel Alcantud

    They arrived in Europe from Africa with 15 years of age each and a promise of being football stars. Amadou and Moussa are discovered in Mali by a talent spotter, separated from their families and brought to Madrid to triumph. What follows is a tour through Spain, Portugal and Northern Europe, which will show them the hidden side of the so-called "King of Sports", a business that will stop treating them as children and instead begin to see them as "black diamonds". [More...]
  • La por (El miedo) (2013)

    La por (El miedo) Image

    Release Date: 22 Nov 2013

    Director: Jordi Cadena

    Manuel is 16 years old and never speaks to anyone about what happens in his family. He never talks about the bruises her mother has in different parts of her body. Neither does he talk about the fear that he, his mother and his little sister have when they are in the house with their father. For that reason Manuel is happy to go to school, because while he's there, he isn't at home. One day his teacher explains what genetic inheritance is and Manuel can't stop thinking all day: Shall... [More...]
  • Temporal (2013)

    Temporal Image

    Release Date: 22 Nov 2013

    Director: José Luis López González,

    24 hours in the lives of five people, unknown to each other, the only link between them being that they have found work through the same temporary employment agency. [More...]
  • Vigilo el camino (2013)

    Vigilo el camino Image

    Release Date: 22 Nov 2013

    Director: Pablo Aragüés

    After loosing the child they had hoped for, Irene and David are going through a dificult time as a couple. One night at a party, Irene meets Ana, a mysterious girl who involves them in a love triangle which refreshes their relationship. Little by little. Ana leads them to Nido, a strange out-of-the-way place where the members of a commune lead by Ángel live together apparently harmoniously. The couple integrate immediately, without suspecting that their entry into the group... [More...]
  • Los chicos del puerto (2013)

    Los chicos del puerto Image

    Release Date: 15 Nov 2013

    Director: Alberto Morais

    Miguel makes a voyage that his grandfather can't make, now that he's locked in by his own family. The mission is very simple: to go to a funeral and deposit a military jacket in the grave of the deceased who was a friend of his grandfather. Miguel, accompanied by Lola and Guillermo, leave from the Nazaret district of Valencia. They travel around the periphery of Valencia looking for the cemetary, and they find themselves confronting a city that is almost deserted, at least for... [More...]
  • ¿Quién mató a Bambi? (2013)

    ¿Quién mató a Bambi? Image

    Release Date: 15 Nov 2013

    Director: Santi Amodeo

  • Stockholm (2013)

    Stockholm Image

    Release Date: 08 Nov 2013

    Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen

    A boy and a girl meet at a discoteque and spend the night together. But in the morning will they seem to be the same people to each other as they did the night before? [More...]
  • Séptimo (2013)

    Séptimo Image

    Release Date: 08 Nov 2013

    Director: Patxi Amezcua

    One father. Two children. The game: to be the first to reach the street from the seventh floor of the building in which they live. Sebastián, the fahter, uses the lift; the children, Luna and Luca, take the stairs. The race finishes, but while the father arrives at the entrance in first place as per usual, the children this time are nowhere to be seen. They have disappeared mysteriously in the interior of the building without trace. Thus begins the father and mother's frantic... [More...]
  • Frontera (2013)

    Frontera Image

    Release Date: 08 Nov 2013

    Director: Manuel Pérez Cáceres

    A theatrical group is producing a version 12 Angry Men when they are interrupted by an alarm. We find ourselves in the Quatre Camins prision and the alarm signifies the isolation of the prison sections. The group, comprising six prisoners and eight people from outside, are kept isolated because of an epidemic of unknown origin. The lack of information and the fear of a possible contagion will test their fortitude and change their lives forever. The inidividual in front of the group. Innocent... [More...]
  • Esto no es una cita (2013)

    Esto no es una cita Image

    Release Date: 08 Nov 2013

    Director: Guillermo Groizard

    Two office co-workers, Roberto and Paula, break up with their respective partners. Paula cannot stand Roberto, but he tries to conquer her by whatever means. Their best friends, Nacho and Andrea, encourage them to forget the past and to begin again; so Robert asks Paula for a date and she accepts [More...]
  • Alpha (2013)

    Alpha Image

    Release Date: 08 Nov 2013

    Director: Joan Cutrina Perelló

    Three friends are obliged to separate after a failed holdup. Eight years later, fate brings them together again in spite of their having taken very distinct paths. Eric is leaving prison after eight hears having lost what he most loved; Toni has decided to stop living outside the law and has become a policeman; and finally Tom is the head of a criminal gang that acts with the complicity of the local police. [More...]
  • Al final todos mueren (2013)

    Al final todos mueren Image

    Release Date: 31 Oct 2013

    Director: Javier Fesser

    Four stories about the end of the world from distinct points of view. In one of them the protagonist is a murdering psychopath who needs to accomplish his master plan. Another is about a bloody battle to gain access to some bunkers that offer salvation. In another an army of confirmed romantics fight to find romance in their lives. And finally there is a woman on the point of giving birth to the last baby on the planet. [More...]
  • Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados (2013)

    Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados Image

    Release Date: 31 Oct 2013

    Director: David Trueba

    1966. Antonio is a professor who uses the songs of the Beatles to teach English in Spain. When he finds out that his idol John Lennon is in Almería shooting a film, he decides to travel there to meet him. On the way he picks up Juanjo, a boy of 16 who has fled his home, and Belen, a girl of 21 who appears also to be escaping from something. [More...]
  • Todas las mujeres (2013)

    Todas las mujeres Image

    Release Date: 18 Oct 2013

    Director: Mariano Barroso

    Nacho, a veterinary, confronts all the woman who have meant something in his life: before him appear his lover, his mother, his psychologist, his companion, his ex-girlfriend and his sister-in-law. He has something left to tell each of them and he has to confront all of them to resolve these issues. [More...]